How to watch Flash Videos on your iPad – Skyfire Web Browser

As many know Flash is not supported on Apple hand held devices. Adobe and Apple have their disagreements regarding Flash. Apple don’t allow flash on their iPhones, iPods or iPads because they don’t believe Flash is ‘open’ nor do they agree with the accusations Adobe have made about Apple. Flash is owned by Adobe and therefore Adobe are the sole authority when it comes to Flash. Adobe control Flash, something Apple don’t agree with. Instead Apple have developed HTM5, CSS and Javascript, all of which are open standards.

Adobe have, in the past, said that Apple devices don’t have the ‘full web’ experience. This has angered Apple and with many sites creating apps that allow their content be accessed, Apple refute the claims. YouTube is a prime example of this, creating the YouTube app to allow people to access their videos. Apple also believe that Flash is becoming a dated standard.

Anyways, their is a way to watch Flash videos on your Apple device. An app called Skyfire Web Browser allows users to watch Flash videos.

Flash videos, which would otherwise be unavailable to watch, can be watched using Skyfire. It allows you to watch videos from sites like Justin.TV, South Park and loads more.

There are currently over 200,00 websites supported by Skyfire and more are being added very single day. Sites like the BBC, New York Times and Sky News are supported so you can watch their videos on your iPad.

By simply pressing the video icon at the bottom of the page you can watch any videos on that page, Flash or not.

As well offering Flash support, Skyfire has a compression software built in which i currently patent pending. This software redcues the amount of data required when watching videos or browsing the internet. This means you can access much more internet content with your allocated data. They say you can save up to 75% bandwidth!

Skyfire Web browser also has a simple user interface. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter are also well integrated into the app for quick access. You can also open web pages in three formats: iPhone, iPad and Desktop. This means you can view the internet anyway you want.

However, Skyfire doesn’t support Flash games or Flash apps. Currently you cannot access Flash games on Apple devices. There are plenty of apps in the app store to keep you occupies though!

What do you use to watch Flash videos on your Apple device?

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