Verizon’s New Tiered Data Plans Announced to Regional VPs

According to reports, Verizon has sent out letters to its regional VPs that there will be changes in the pricing format, and that they will have tiered data plans starting soon. Quoting the increasing demand for data and media consumption, they have announced that the new pricing format will be based on customer usage. They have also announced that the new pricing patter will be applicable to both 3G and 4G LTE networks. Verizon in its letter said that this new plan will not affect the overall consumption of data by the users.

Reports suggest that there will be three separate prices for different amounts of data. 2GB will be available at $30 a month, while 5GB and 10GB data will be available at $50 and $80 a month respectively. Additionally, should the user want to add tethering, the charges for 4GB will be $50 a month, and 7GB and 12GB will be available at $70 and $100 a month. $10 per 1GB data will be the additional charges levied if the user goes over and above the purchased amount of data.

This is the new format is about $5 extra per month with respect to their competition AT&T’s plan structure. However, Verizon will probably offer these new plans with the promise of better reliability in 3G network and increased speed in the 4G LTE network.

via – [DroidLife]

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