Use Sorami Skydrive and Get Extra Space on Android

Sorami is an application that can be very useful for Android device. It enables you to download, access, view and send files from Skydrive to your Android phones. This means that with this new application you get about 25 more gigabytes of space for your Android device.

Sorami, once installed in you Android device, acts as the front end of your Skydrive file structure; it enables you to navigate through your Skydrive folder. It also gives you the access to create, delete, or move entire folders. Additionally, it automatically detects SD cards and sends files to your SkyDrive account.

The app also has the ability to help you synchronize the updates you have made to Skydrive from any other devices you use to access skydrive.

Some of the features of the Sorami App are:

  • Usable only for Android devices
  • Access your Skydrive folder to view files
  • Get 25 more gigabytes of space
  • Navigate between Skydrive folders
  • Create and delete folders on Skydrive
  • Easy synchronization of files uploaded on Skydrive, from other devices, using the Refresh button

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    Use Sorami Skydrive and Get Extra Space on Android

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    Use Sorami Skydrive and Get Extra Space on Android

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