UberMusic for Android [Music Player app]

If you search the Android market, you might be surprised by the lack of custom music players, decent ones. Most of them have unfriendly user interfaces and have nothing more to offer over the standard music app. This is where UberMusic comes in. Developed by a certain Federico Carnales, the app is a copy of Windows Phone 7’s music player.

Upon opening the app, you’re welcomed by the beautiful WP7 interface. You can swipe horizontally to classify music by artist, album, playlists or view all songs. Similar to WP7, you can click on the alphabets before each category which brings up a tiled alphabet menu from where you can go the exact song you want to as shown below. The app has great visuals, its easy to navigate and has a polished feel hard to match by other applications. You even get small biographies of all the artists in your music collection and UberMusic also grabs a cool image of the currently playing artist which is displayed in the background.

The app costs $3.49 on the Android market, that might be a lot of money for an app since most are under the dollar mark, but UberMusic’s simplistic UI and polished feel is definitely worth it. Plus you might even get away with fooling non-geeks that you have a WP7 device.

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