TwitteReader a webapplication just like google reader..

TwitteReader  is a new and free service which turns Twitter into something resembling Google ReaderThis web app is basically a Google Reader clone, except instead of managing general RSS feeds, it manages your Twitter account.Just like Google Reader and Gmail, you can move up and down the list with the same J and K keyboard shortcuts. You can also star items, which adds them to your Twitter favorites list. The application keeps track of what you’ve read and what you haven’t, which, depending on how many people you’re following, could be useful. If a system like Google Reader’s trends were to be applied to this you could see which people’s updates you’re not reading and cut them out of your followers list.


As you can see in the screenshot above, the interface is very clean (some would say sparse). It certainly does feel a lot like Google Reader, and supports using the J & K keys for moving up and down. It loads 20 tweets per screen (same as but rather than display the entire tweet, it just shows the first line of each tweet. This makes the display nice and compact, but given how short tweets are, it feels silly having to open each one to get another line of content. The good news is that tweets open automatically when you select them, so there’s no additional mouse clicks. Having them closed by default just inhibits fast scanning.
You can mark tweets as favorites and TwitteReader keeps track of what you’ve read and what you haven’t (but there’s no way to hide tweets you’ve read, leaving you only unread tweets to scan). You can mark a tweet as unread if you like. Every tweet has kind of a time stamp (day of the week and month, as of GMT time) but not the “2 hours ago from web” info nor the “nor the “in reply to” link that you’d get on
As an app it’s a nice start, but I’d like to see some additional features. First, the option to “expand all” tweets would be very welcome, as would a setting to load more than 20 tweets per page. Being able to fly down a page of open tweets via keystrokes, having them marked as read as I went, would be a very nice user experience, I think. And the “in reply to” information is pretty critical for those of us who use Twitter to carry on conversations with friends. It can often be tough to puzzle out what someone is replying to when each tweet in a conversation can be posted hours apart. Lastly, it’d be nice to be able to hide all read tweets, or to show only Favorite tweets. Basically some way to tag a tweet to “save for later” while you’re scanning.

I feel it’s important to emphasize again that this is a beta release and the developer seems to be actively working on the app, so don’t consider this a review, but rather a first look at a product still in development. As it stands today, TwitteReader feels like the start of something really nice.

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