Trip Advisor, Plan Your Trip Right On Your Android Handset![App]

Planning trips can be hassle, finding good places to stay, dine in and visit can be an unpleasant experience if you’re heading to a foreign country or a place you are unfamiliar with. That’s there Trip Advisor comes in. This tiny 0.5MB app is free on the Android market and offers everything you need to plan your journey.

The main menu of the app is home to several options. You can search for hotels, flights, places near you, and even travel forums among other things. We’ll get to that in a second, but first I’d like to say I’m already impressed by the application. For an unpaid app it looks amazing and is VERY easy to use, all the options are self explanatory and there is very little in the way of settings to change. Simply launch the application, turn on your data network and GPS and you’re good to go!

The first few options you have in the app are hotels, restaurants and “things to do”. Open up the hotels section and you can search for every hotel in any city in the world, or you can check “Find hotels near me now” so that Trip Advisor can automatically determine your location and find the nearest hotels. GPS based searching is great if you get lost or don’t know exactly where you are. Secondly we have the Restaurants section. The search system for this is the same as hotels, but additionally you can also add two more other parameters to your search; cuisine type and price so you can find exactly what you are looking for. Once you find your desired hotel, you can check prices and availability, see photos or see the location on a map.

The things to do section of the app, finds major attractions in a city, you can replace travel magazines and guides with this app and instantly find every important place in a city, and even choose what sort of attractions you are interested in from landmarks and zoos to museums, golf clubs, parks etc.
Then we have the option to search for flights. It works similar to any other flight app, but there is a problem with this. While searching for tickets through a Saudi Airlines flight, I found several flights on the 10th of November, but when I searched for the same flights on the airline’s official page, the flights were already booked. That was my experience with the flight searching functionality; you could have different, more accurate results based on where you are.
After that we have a few more options. You can open the Near Me now tab, and get information about hotels, restaurants and other places near you or open the Forums tab to search a regional forum for information. Lastly you can open My Saves to open bookmarked pages (search results in Trip advisor that you have saved) and lastly Write a review on places you have visited to help improve the experience and make someone else’s life easier.
Trip Advisor is an essential app for frequent travelers, and if you are planning trip, you should definitely get it for quick access to a lot of information right on your Android smartphone/tablet.

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  1. OutpostMagazine says:

    You may want to visit this site too! ;D

  2. OutpostMagazine says:

    You may want to visit this site too! ;D

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