Top 69 WordPress plugins for Twitter

Managing the twitter together with WordPress blogs is an efficient way to land into social media. You can manage your WordPress blogs together with Twitter upto any extent with the helps of below listed WordPress plugins. 69-twitter-plugin

  1. Topical Tweets Topical Tweets enables the display of Twitter Updates in your blog for a specific query
  2. Tweetable Integrate Twitter with your WordPress blog. Automatically tweet new posts, display your latest tweet in your sidebar, etc.
  3. Advanced Twitter Widget Widget that will enable visitors to give you/the site a virtual beer by clicking on the widget.
  4. Gigya Socialize – Increase Registration and Engagement using Facebook Connect, Twitter and OpenID
  5. Increase your site registration and Engagement using Facebook Connect, MySpaceID, Twitter and OpenID.

  6. Tweelow Plugin Simple plugin that displays count of your twitter followers.
  7. Twitter LiveBlog
  8. Twitter LiveBlog is a plugin that lets you liveblog on your WordPress blog using Twitter.

  9. Twimp-wp
  10. Publish blog posts to multiple twitter accounts.

  11. Twit Connect
  12. Integrate Twitter and WordPress. Provides single-signon and avatars. Changes in Version 1.11 – Bug fix for missing ‘=’ in login code.

  13. Pretty Link Shrink, track and share any URL on the Internet from your WordPress website. Create short links suitable for Twitter using your own domain name!
  14. dB Twtpoll This plugins adds a shortcode for embedding polls from Twtpoll really easy.
  15. Twitter real time search scrolling This plug-in will scroll the most recent twittered contents based on the entered search word. Enter search word and see the live content in side bar.
  16. WordPress Dashboard Twitter The most creative name **WordPress Dashboard Twitter** in fact represents a Dashboard Widget for WordPress, that turns your Dashboard into a Twitter
  17. Twitter News Feed Collects Tweets based on specific Twitter usernames and hashtags and then adds them as post
  18. Buzzom Badge This plugin let’s you display a small badge which shows your Buzzom profile.
  19. WP-TwitterSearch Displays the latest results based on a twitter search. Options include setting multiple search terms and limiting tweets shown.
  20. Twitter Tools – Google Analytics Tagger Tag all your URL’s posted to twitter with Google Analytics tags using Twitter Tools
  21. WP to Twitter Posts a Twitter status update when you update your WordPress blog or post to your blogroll, using the Cligs URL shortening service.
  22. Twire This plugin will bring Twitter functionality to your buddypress installation. You must have 2 things: 1. WordPress MU, 2. Buddy Press
  23. Twitter Bubble A sidebar widget showing the latest twitter update in a nice talk bubble, suitable for wide sidebars.
  24. Lifestream Streams your activity from over 50 different sources to your blog.
  25. Easy Retweet Adds a Retweet button to your WordPress posts
  26. Twitter Blog Tweets your post, then captures tweets replying to that tweet and converts them to comments.
  27. Feed2tweet Feed2tweet plugins allows you to publish your new posts to your twitter account.
  28. Zipli-Retweet Adds a retweet button to all WordPress posts in your blog and update your twitter account with post from your blog.
  29. Twitter Friendly Links Your very own TinyURL within your OWN domain! If you DO promote your blog posts in Twitter, then you MUST make your links look cool!
  30. Twitter Followers Display your Twitter followers or people you are following in your sidebar.
  31. Twitter Friends Widget
  32. Displays your Twitter friends with their profile images in the sidebar.

  33. TweetMeme Button
  34. Adds the TweetMeme button into your posts and RSS feed.

  35. TwitPic
  36. Displays your latest pictures from TwitPic in the sidebar of your blog. The plugin is widget ready and comes with many configuration options!

  37. Make Me Social
  38. The “Make Me Social” wordpress plugin send each new post you make to the most famous social services.

  39. Twitter Publisher Share a new blog post on Twitter using or url shorteners.
  40. Twitter Tools Twitter Tools is a plugin that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.
  41. Lock a Blog
  42. This plugin allows you block content wordpress post for underage readers.

  43. Twitter Links Plus+
  44. Checks Twitter usernames mentioned in the content and in the comments (eg. @tquizzle) with the Twitter service to see if that user is indeed a Twitter

  45. Twitpost
  46. A plugin that posts a short blurb on your Twitter page linking to a post you’ve recently published.

  47. Comenta WP
  48. Publish all your comments directly to a twitter account. You can customize the message published.

  49. Capture the Conversation
  50. What are people saying about your post, right now?

  51. Twitter To Wire
  52. This plugin will allow your twits to be automatically added to your Buddy Press wire. You must have 2 things: 1. WordPress MU, 2. Buddy Press

  53. TweetScribe
  54. TweetScribe plugin connects your WordPress blog with

  55. PingPressFM
  56. Allows you to spread your blog to 30+ social networks via Now with support for scheduled posts and custom triggers.

  57. Wickett Twitter WidgetDisplay tweets from a Twitter account in the sidebar of your blog. As seen on
  58. Short URL Generator
  59. This plugin automatically generates a Short URL for your article. You can choose your favorite provider and get multiple options.

  60. Commentwitter Gives commenters the option of Tweeting their comment with a link to your post.
  61. Tweetly Updater
  62. This plugin sends Twitter updates on new or edited posts, uses

  63. TwitterSearch
  64. TwitterSearch allows users to keep track of twitter search terms from within their wordpress dashboard.

  65. Tracked Tweets
  66. Posts are added to your twitter account. Tweet can be formatted. URL’s are shortened using Tinyurl or, and Google Analytics tracking is added.

  67. Thread Twitter
  68. Thread Twitter fetch your tweets and display them in thread style.

  69. Tweet Cloud
  70. Cloud of popular words and phrases from a user’s Twitter profile.

  71. RF Twitter Post A simple plugin that will post to twitter whenever you add a new post to your wordpress blog.
  72. Simple Twitter Link
  73. Simple Twitter Link displays a link allowing Twitter users to update their status with a link back to your post or page.

  74. TwitterPosts
  75. This WordPress plugin automatically sends new posts of your blog to twitter as soon as they get published.

  76. Twitter Digest
  77. Creates a daily post containing tweets from a twitter account.

  78. Social Media Manager
  79. Manage & monitor your social media brand. Facebook, twitter, digg, youtube & tumblr. Post to multiple twitter accounts easy.

  80. WP Quote Tweets
  81. Allows authors to quote Twitter updates in posts or pages using a simple shortcode. [quotetweet tweetid=123456789].

  82. Fresh From FriendFeed and Twitter Keeps your blog always fresh by regularly adding your latest and greatest content from FriendFeed or Twitter. No external passwords required!
  83. Twitter Profile Field Adds an additional field to the user profile page where they can enter their Twitter username.
  84. Twitter Tracker
  85. Tracks Twitter search results or a Twitter hashtag in a sidebar widgets.

  86. Social Links Sidebar
  87. Social Links Sidebar is a sidebar widget that displays icon links to your profile pages on other social networking sites.

  88. iTwitter Twitter plugin for WordPress. A useful plugin for those who uses Twitter.
  89. Tweet Tweet Archive your Twitter conversions in your database, and use your free web texts to receive sms notifications.
  90. Twitter Keywords
  91. Add tweets about a certain word, in certain language and from a specific user on your sidebar

  92. Shorten2Ping
  93. Sends status updates to or Twitter everytime you publish a post, using or for the permalinks.

  94. TwitterCounter
  95. Integrate badges on your blog to display the number of followers you have on Twitter

  96. Twittley button
  97. This plugin will install the Twittley button for each of your blog posts in both the content of your posts and the RSS feed.

  98. Twittrup
  99. Updates Twitter when you create a new blog post utilizing an shortener service of your choice.

  100. Tweet Blender
  101. Adds Twitter sidebar widget and creates an archive page. Blends Twitter tweets for multiple screen names, hashtags and/or keywords into a single stream.

  102. BackType Connect The BackType Connect WordPress plugin lets you show related conversations (from Twitter, Digg, FriendFeed & more) inline with your own comments.
  103. The WordPress Bar Seen the DiggBar on Add a similar feature to your WordPress blog by creating a navigation bar for all external links outside of blog.
  104. YOURLS: WordPress to Twitter
  105. Use YOURLS (a free GPL URL shortener service) or another public service (tinyURL…) to create short URL of your posts and tweet them.

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Honey is a web evangelist having work experience in Social Technologies, Blogging, Web-Development and UI Designis. Honey commonly blog on Honeytechblog and popularly known as "honeytech".

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  1. Honey Singh says:

    Top 69 #Wordpress #plugins for #Twitter

  2. Valur Thor says:

    WP plugins lists. This one counts a whooping 69 plugins, just for twitter. #wordpress

  3. Honey Singh says:

    List of top 69 #Wordpress #plugins for #Twitter

  4. techprone says:

    List of top 69 #Wordpress #plugins for #Twitter

  5. Isra García says:

    Top 69 WordPress plugins for Twitter go go go

  6. These are really nice plugin for twitter.

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