Think virtual reality? Think these ideas

There’s no doubt that virtual reality is the next big thing, with companies like Facebook and Snapchat betting millions on the future of this tech, but are you wondering how to jump on the bandwagon and make a fortune? Here are some ideas startup entrepreneurs can look at for foraying into the world of virtual reality:


VR accessories

Well, primarily, VR is all about headsets, and with Snapchat unveiling its Spectacles the industry has taken note of how VR can work on a pair of glasses. So, headsets are one of the most lucrative accessories a startup can look at if they are looking to enter the VR space. Keep in mind that producing such accessories is an expensive affair, however, for VR to make more inroads in our lives, the accessories must become more affordable and appealing. Think of an affordable VR headset/spectacles maybe?



Healthcare and VR have a massive untapped opportunity for startup entrepreneurs, with the market for VR in healthcare expecting to touch $3.8 billion by 2020. VR apps and tools to deal with psychological issues, to train students with the body’s anatomy and telepresence diagnosis, are just a few of the streams where VR can come in and play an important role.


Training skills

VR has been applied by the military and several aerospace companies to train their personnel with various skills. Not only is this, a cost-effective method, but also is a method that can be monitored by experienced personnel to train their subordinates in controlled environments. The immersive aspect of VR opens a window to practically all fields that require training from aerospace, academics, sports to all service industries.

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