Rolls Royce did it again!

Back in 1904 when Henry Royce built his first motor car and met Charles Rolls where their meeting led to the inception of Rolls-Royce.  In 1906 they launched a six-cylinder Silver Ghost which went on to become the best car of the world in the subsequent years.  Since then Rolls-Royce seems to be justifying its tagline “Trusted to deliver excellence”. When it comes to customer satisfaction, Rolls-Royce can go an extra mile for it. Recently, one of the customers approached Rolls-Royce and pitched his idea of a two-seater  contemporary car that he wanted to be created by the company.


Living up to their reputation, Rolls Royce gave charge to the Director of Design, Giles Taylor who worked in close association with the client. As a result, they crafted ‘Sweptail’ for the client. The car was displayed at Villa d’Este for Concorso d’Eleganza on Saturday 27th May 2017 and is valued at approx . $13 million, that’s right!! 85 crore in INR. It took four years to craft this masterpiece. The car is inspired from the Rolls-Royce Sweptails of the 1920s.The front side of the car resembles Phantom considering the Two Door Light Saloon design as an inspiration.

The front grille is made out of aluminium and hand polished giving a mirror finish to the grille. The Car being so exclusive has a unique registration number ‘08’ which is hand polished to perfection using ingots of aluminium. The car has a great view from inside, thanks to full-length panoramic view through the glass-roof.  It has two hidden laptop cases which pops-up at the touch of a button. The Car also has an inbuilt champagne holder along-with two glasses which come up at the click of a button. Designed to perfection, the car has all the buttons and switches shielded behind the Macassar Ebony wood giving a luxurious look to it. Rest of the interiors of the car are made from ebony wood and dark spice lather seen throughout its makeup along with lighter paldao wood and Moccasin leather. Like every other model car has a clock  embedded into the dashboard made from same material blending it completely with the dashboard.


All these amazing things in a single car and a distinctive blue exterior colour seems like it is too go od to be true. Sweptail with it’s amazing features and looks is attracting a lot of attention on Social media and been a topic of discussion amongst people.

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