Review: Stick Cricket App for iPhone

The number one desktop cricket game,, has released an App on the Apple app store for iPhone and iPod Touch. Since release the game has taken the app world by storm and has been the number 1 app in Australia, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, South Africa among others. It has also been the number 1 sports game in the UK. So with all these accolades the game must be pretty good, right?

Indeed it is. The Stick Cricket app is available to download for free. The free version allows you to play the first 3 levels of World Domination, 5 Over All Star Slog and the Stick Cricket Academy. My favourite game is the 5 Over All Start Slog because it is fun and quick to play. As the name suggests, all you have to do is hit as many runs as you can in 5 overs. My personal record is 115 which is a whopping 23 runs per over.

World Domination is where you have to chase down a total set by each team on the game in 20 overs. The first few levels are simple where you only need 200 runs but as your progress through the levels it gets much harder with totals of 400 plus.

In the Stick Cricket academy you can practice against each type of bowler on the game. Here you can perfect your shots using the Pract-o-meter and get the timing just right. You can also turn of the aid in order to practice.

Using the HD Retina display in the iPhone 4 and latest iPod Touch the app looks fabulous and you can see your 6s smashed into the crowd.

For a game where you only need to press two buttons it is an ingenious game and if you download it you will be spending a LOT of time on the game!

Useful link

Official site of Stick Cricket App

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7 Responses

  1. It is a best game ever I played on my android device.

  2. It is a best game ever I played on my android device.

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