nSpace Provides Password Protection for Virtual Desktops

nSpace a virtual desktop application helps you separate your workspaces to ensure that your work is held is separate spaces. This helps reduce any confusion that one may have while working on different things at the same time. Virtual desktops have been around for a while and more users are learning to use it to their advantage.

nSpace provides 4 desktops, one customary and three virtual desktops. It allows users to add and remove virtual spaces, select hotkeys for different spaces, and alter the look and feel of different spaces. Additionally, it gives users the option to use password protection for space. All this is done in a simple and user-friendly interface.

While the popularity is increasing security has also become an important aspect. The process to actually create a password is simple. To create a password, complete the following:

1.    From the system tray, select nSpace and then select Settings.

This displays the nSpaces Settings dialog box.

2.    To launch a particular desktop, select the Launch nSpace on login check box.

3.    To enter a password, select the Must enter password to user nSpaces check box.

4.    In the Password box, type the password.

5.    In the Confirm box, retype the password.

6.    Click Save.

This automatically creates a password for the space, the content in this space will not be accessible without the password.

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