iPhone 4S – Features and Hardware Explained

Equipped with some of the latest features and applications that are more complete, making the iPhone 4S as one of the best Apple’s product. iPhone 4S is the latest generation of iPhone series, like iPhone 3G and iPhone 4G. To further enhance performance and provide comfort for loyal users of Apple products, some of the latest features and facilities you can found on this product. In addition to the features and applications that continue to be improved, some hardware also improved, both in terms of speed and technology used.

Some of the features, facilities, applications, and hardware on which this product is iOS5, iCloud, 8MP camera, dual core processor A5, Siri technology, and several other features. Some of these features is the development of features that have been used in previous versions of the iPhone.

Siri Application
In this application you can send messages using voice, so if you want to send a message then you do not need to write an SMS. You only need to record your voice which will then be converted into text, and then transmitted in the form of short messages (SMS).

A5 Dual Core Processor
As a Smartphone with complete features, of course, must be supported by high-speed hardware. iPhone 4S using the A5 dual core processor that can deliver 2x faster performance than some pre-existing processor. Besides it is also able to accelerate the performance of graphics to display an image with a clearer display.

Use of 8 MP camera aims to provide convenience for the user if you want to save the important moment. Existing features on the camera include auto focus, geo tagging, smile detection, and several features of the camera in general.

iOS 5
This application is the latest application of some applications which have been used in previous versions of the iPhone. In this application there are 200 new features for you to try.

One other feature that is also no less interesting to try is the ” iCloud “, with this feature you can share your files using wireless technology, whenever and wherever you are.

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