Motorola Mobility’s New Phone To Include With An Edge-to-Edge Screen

The latest handset from Motorola Mobility, which is about to unveil during an event with Verizon coming week, is supposed to come with an Edge-to-edge screen. The phone can easily work with the LTE network and it has been reported by someone familiar with the device.

motorola mobility new phone edge to edge During May 2012, Google Inc. acquired Motorola Mobility and the company has decided to organize Press conference on 5th of September with Verizon, the largest company is US in offering wireless services. The up-coming phone with that very screen can also run a small version of Android, the person reported. He is reluctant to reveal his name because the company has not mentioned the detail information on the phone yet.

The phone will be a high-profile device from Motorola Mobility and it is for the first time the company is manufacturing such a device after it is bought by Google for $12.5billion. The particular model is supposed to be the first full screen phone that will be used in the US.  Front of the phone can be used as display without any black frames or bezels in and around the display.

Critics felt that this new feature of the phone will make the company stay ahead in competition with other Smartphone manufacturing companies, especially Apple.Inc, which is geared with its redesigned iPhone for a September 12th launch. The picture quality of the Motorola device is supposed to be very different from any other Smartphone and the LTE speed will give user the fun of accessing web at any point of time at anywhere.

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