Mobogenie 2.0 is the All in One Content Hub for your Android Smartphone

Mobogenie announced the next version of its Mobogenie Android Store making a jump from being an App Store to a complete content hub, bringing in the likes of E-Books, Entertainment hub as well as enhancing the wallpaper collection that was already present in the application. There has been a facelift in the UI of the application too which has improved the overall experience of the application multifold.


Mobogenie has also added in gamification to the new Mobogenie application which allows the users to earn points every time they download an application from the Mobogenie App Store. Since the app store only has free apps, this is an excellent incentive for the users to download apps such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook etc from Mobogenie instead of the Google Play Store. You also have a My Tasks section where the app gives you regular tasks everyday, such as Checking into the app or commenting and reviewing on the apps to earn bonus points everyday. Once you have these points, you can redeem them for free coupons such as those of PayTm and other partners.


Not just a new app, Mobogenie also announced a new developer programme, under which the developers can now directly put their apps on the Mobogenie store and use their resources for marketing the application. Developers will get a share of 80-20 of the revenues made, which is better than the 70-30 share policy of Google Play.


The developers simply have to integrate the Mobogenie SDK into their application by registering with the developer platform here. You have a full dashboard to help you keep intimated with information such as the number of installs and downloads. Mobogenie also announced the Mobogenie Union which is a platform for the developers as well as the advertisers and publishers to use the apps as a platform to get their brand message across. This would also allow the developers to monetize as well as market their apps for absolutely free giving them a great opportunity.

Mobogenie Union can be accessed right here.



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