Mishra Reader, The New Desktop Google Reader

Mishra Reader is one of the latest desktop Google Reader available in today’s market. Though this reader is still in alpha version, it helps you connect with the online reader and retrieve all the feed that is specific to you. This is a freeware tool that works and integrates seamlessly with Windows system. The entire interface is based on WPF. Designed based on ergonomics and provides smooth animations.

This Google reader client once installed provides three different tab. They are:

  • Unread: This displays all the latest feed that you have not already read.
  • Subscriptions: This displays list of subscriptions and enables you to view, update, and add new ones.
  • Options: This provides different ways to use options offered by the reader.

The interface provides small excerpts of the article and allows you to further read them by selecting them from the list of feeds. Using this interface you can easily access different feed with notifications and stars placed for particular stories you are following. It also helps you scroll through articles using the Next and Previous icons.

It provides an application icon in the notification zone to help you easily find the application. It also helps you copy scaled pictures to the clipboard for easy access. Overall, this reader has been impressive and has received a lot of feedback for just the Alpha version of the application.

via – Nirmaltv

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