Microsoft’s new initiative to spread awareness around online security – #BeCyberSafe

With growing dependence on Information Technology, there has been an increased rate of cyber crimes alongside. From mischief to cause annoyance to targeted cyber attacks, hackers are causing unprecedented damage to individuals and institutions.There is an urgent need to secure one’s digital assets.

#BeCyberSafe is an interesting initiative to caution the consumers against cyber crimes. Microsoft talks of strengthening cyber security and reinforces the message of safer transactions with the help of a series of videos.

With this video, the message is put across very creatively through the example of a real life incident. Two people get fooled and fall prey to fake websites that host online transactions.

These security breaches in online transactions are becoming common. The consumers must pay heed and actively try to stop the menace of cyber frauds. Many times, due to lack of awareness and carelessness not only does the transactor lose out money but the business partner also tends to carry a negative image of him or her.Such situations create a trust deficit and impacts partnerships.


To combat these tailored assaults and save the digital assets, regular up gradation of the software should be done.In addition to this, encryption signs should be checked, and virus threats must be fixed timely.

It is essential to remain ready beforehand in the face of cyber threats. The work done in the past by Microsoft is a testimony to the efforts that the company puts into secure end users and make them have a better hold on their digital activities. It has always tried to make the end user more aware through innovative strategies. The video is a step further in that endeavor to ensure the safety of the digital citizens from cyber crime threats.

We just got to know via video that, Microsoft is also providing the free consultation to all the consumers, to get that, drop a mail on indiasms(at) or call 1800-11-1100.

Please feel free to comment here, in case you need any help or want to know more about cyber security tips. We will be doing a follow-up post mentioning the few basic tips to #BeCyberSafe.


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