Microsoft Finally Emerges as Winner of Patent Battle with Motorola In Germany

The patent right battle between Microsoft and Motorola in Germany finally closed and the judgment has been given in the favor of Microsoft Corp. Microsoft claimed that the Motorola unit of Google is using some patented technologies to manufacture its mobile devices. The case has been ruled by a state court of Munich and last Thursday it has been proved that Microsoft’s claim was true.

Microsoft-vs-motorola The mobile company actually infringed a patent technology of the software company to use in its particular handset. Finally, when the device was launched it was detected that the input commands of the set are the same like Microsoft software. In fact, users of the handset detected this fault and reported to the company about the problem.

According to the ruling, Google now has to modify the latest Android operating system introduced a few days before. If it is not possible, then the company has to give a permit or a license fee to Microsoft for selling the Android devices that come with the technology of the software company. Now it depends upon Google which option they will choose.

TheMunichstate ruling court has given another option for Google and said that Google can now appeal the court ruling to provide with other options or delay the current options.

The same state ruling court inMunichsupervised another case a week ago. There it has been said that Motorola has also infringed another patent from Apple Corp. The technology that has been used is named “bounce-back”

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