Meal coupon heavyweight Sodexo becomes digitally savvy!

What comes to your mind when you hear about the brand Sodexo? For me, it brings back the nostalgia of the days when my mom used to get back from office with a bundle of coupons in her bag, and I used to get excited seeing them. As a 9-year-old, I used to think of them as magic cards which could get me chocolates and cookies without taking a dig at my piggy bank. As years passed by, I grew up and so did the world. With all the new technological advancements and new players coming in the market, the magic card gradually lost its charm, and as people forgot about them. But, the king is back and with a bang.


So, yesterday I got the opportunity to attend an event where Sodexo launched their new high-tech Sodexo meal card. I would like to highlight that I missed another big event for Sodexo event. Can you guess why? Because of augmented reality! Yes, you read that correctly.


Sodexo integrated AR with a something called as MultiTaction Table.

Wondering how what’s so unique about it and how it works?


The table had a marked area on the screen where people were supposed to swipe their Sodexo meal pass. By doing so, the table pops a variety of dishes spread across four-course meal structure.

The moment I swiped my meal pass, the table got activated, and a plate of diverse options of dishes came up. The instructions guided me to choose, drag and drop dishes into the plate. However, after completing the task something cool popped up. Once I finished selecting my meal, the table showed me my leadership style. (Never thought I had any :P).


Food telling your leadership style? Way too much technological advancements for me. Maybe not for the corporate leaders present there. The level of excitement in the people waiting for their turn at the table showed how intrigued and eager they were to catch a glimpse of the new tech and learn something new.


But it didn’t end here! Later, Sodexo introduced their new meal card with features that we had never imagined. The card comes in various types and can be tailored according to company’s policy. What amused me the most is the benefits that the new card offers to the people.


Some of the amazing features of the new Sodexo meal card:

  •    Tax saving up to Rs.12000 per annum i.e. almost 30% in some cases
  •    Card has cutting edge security features personalised pin for secure data and privacy
  •    Customizable according to company’s policy
  •    Exclusive deals and discounts offered for users
  •    Accepted at more than 1500 cities nationwide


The best part is you can avail the same features online too. Contactless payment, personalised gift cards, less handling efforts and there are many other features that these cards offer. All I can say is my magic cards are back just with some new tech.


Happy reading.

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