Manage Your Expenses With Expense Manager

We often run out of expenses at the end of every month. With so much work to do, so many errands to run and so many movies to watch its best that we leave calculation  and management of our expenses to an application. Expense manager is probably the most beautiful looking expense trackers on any platform.


With the launch of Nexus 7, Android now finally started getting tablet apps. Almost every good app on the platform has a nice tablet UI now. Expense Manager isn’t just a Holo themed app. It is an elegant app with great animations utilizing Google’s modern card themed interface that first came with Google Now. The app looks plain awesome on any device out there.

The app separates your expenses based on various categories which can be defined in settings. A small piggy bank lets you know how much you have left for spending in the month, which is pretty handy. You accomplish this by setting a monthly limit.


Navigation withing the app works by simple swiping to the right and edit entries by tapping onto it. Adding an expense is very simple and can be done at any time by tapping the plus symbol on the top right. Each entry needs to have a category set and you can set any date and add a note to the entry as well. If you choose to cancel the entry, the entire entry page falls down like a card that has been swiped away allowing the app to slide in. Additionally, Expense Manager has a nice dark widget that lets you see your total expenditure this month and quickly add an expense.

Try Expense manager for free by hitting the download link below.

Download: Expense Manager



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