Lolmess application review: Not just an entertaining application

LOLmess is a unique social messaging app which is feature-rich with new animations. Firstly, this is one of its kind app which is calling to any number through VOIP and instant messaging to any LOLmess users. The application has impressive features like talking Mitis, twisted filters, Speaking Avatars, a wide range of emojis, etc. which is making the chatting more convenient and Entertaining.

Not Just Calling:

Talking about its usability, we did find it hard to use when we downloaded it for the first time, but with the frequent update, now this application is very easy and more feature loaded. We can now do the HD Video calling and recording, not only that we can also change the background sound for fun or to fool while in conversation with our dear ones.

Other Super cool Feature:

This app also has a feature like Talking mitis which records the sound and create a video with funny animated virtual pets; this has five different modes to choose on.
The only limitation with this application is the size of the app. We feel this app will only work with 4G smartphones and will be supported by phone with the high storage capacity at least 32GB.


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