Launcher Pro, Home Replacement App For Android

Brought to you by the same person responsible for the previously reviewed Uber Music Windows 7-esque music player, Launcher Pro is one of the best launchers for Android, albeit an old one but its still worth mentioning for those who haven’t tried it yet.

Launcher Pro is free on the android market and it has everything you could possibly want, lots of customization, great looks and speed all packed into one.
On the customization front, Launcher Pro has a lot to offer. Get into the settings menu and you’ll start to see the power of this app. You can set up to a maximum of 7 home screens which is standard on most launchers, but Launcher Pro has some really cool transitional effects. You have 4-6 transitional effects to choose from such as flip and rotate that look amazing in action, you can enable missed call, messages and mails count for your dock icons, auto rotate the screen to landscape mode aswell as the default portrait and do much more. You can customize literally everything about the launcher down to small details such as how fast the app drawer opens!

Launcher Pro also has its own Facebook, Twitter, People, Calendar (below) and Gmail widgets. They look great but they are almost identical to the stock HTC Sense widgets (which are beautiful anyway).

The most surprising thing about the launcher though is the speed, in my experience on my HTC Desire it actually runs faster than the stock HTC Sense launcher. Speed can be a problem with 3rd party launchers that offer a lot of eye candy and end up compromising on the speed front but Launcher Pro works just great.
If you’re looking for a 3rd party launcher, you have many options such as Go Launcher EX, ADW Launcher, SPB Shell 3D and many more, but uptil now, Launcher Pro is my personal favourite. Each of these launchers offers something unique and none of them is laggy but Federico Carnales has delved into a lot more detail with Launcher Pro. Its as fast as can be and offers some truly unique features you won’t find elsewhere. The app is free on the Android Market. And if you really like it, you can  a buy the Plus version here for added features for$3.5.

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