Kobo Announces Interesting new Tablets as Croma Takes wraps off a Club for Bloggers

We get invited to several launch events, however, most of them follow the same boring theme. The Kobo Croma event held in Delhi recently was anything but your typical run of the mill launch. The event saw the introduction of a very unique Croma Blogger’s Club as well as the arrival of Kobo in the big and diverse E-Book market in India.

Blogger's Club

Kobo stressed on the fact that their focus is on services than hardware and gadgets, but promised us big updates to their existing hardware lines. The E-Reader on show was the Kobo Arc which is a 7” tablet powered by Android. It is easy on the eyes as well as on the hands. The vivid HD display makes the experience even more engaging and defined. With the cinematic sound, video capabilities and a front facing camera the Kobo ARC is sure, a looker. A 1.5 GHz dual core processor makes multitasking effortless on the device.

Keen to Hear Bloggers

The event had a surprise in store for all, the collaboration between Kobo and Croma was also to unveil the “Croma Blogger’s Club”. The “Bloggers Club”, is a unique concept in India, whereby the bloggers can visit their local Croma outlets, review products and write up about them. This announcement sure had heads rising and smiles widening especially in the blogger’s community as they have repeatedly complained about the lack of review units and issues in procurement of devices from the OEM.

Keynote in progress

To make things more interesting and engaging, a Twitter contest was held by Croma as well as at the event for the Bloggers of which one lucky winners was presented with Kobo E-Readers. An interesting activity was, the wall of fame where everyone had to stick a note on the wall about their memorable moments. There were indeed some really interesting entries we bet. The twitter contest saw the official hashtag trend for over 7 hours which made sure everyone in the twitter verse knew about the activity.

Kobo is just venturing in the Indian Market but its presence is already being felt and with a collaboration with Croma the road looks smooth. How easy or tough the journey will be, only time can answer, but the two have started on the front foot and that’s the good news.

Manasvi Sharma has contributed to this post.

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