iPhone 5 coming October 15th?

Rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 are surfacing everyday, but today there was one that has a bit more credibility than others. CEO of France Telecom, who own Orange, Stephane Richard  has ‘let slip’ to French reporters that the Apple iPhone 5 will be released in France on October 15th 2011.If true then the 15th October is expected to be the Worldwide release day, countries like America, UK, Australia and alike. Countries like Korea, China, India may have a later release date like other recent Apple products.

Richard has actually discussed Apple’s iPhone plans before, he announced that Apple was working a new smaller SIM card in May. He said this a few weeks before the iPhone 4, which had the new microSIM, was announced. Richard in this respect is a reliable source and the release date may actually be true.

The 15th October release date would coincide with the recent rumor that AppleCare staff were expecting increased iOS queries from Monday 10th October. These queries are thought to be about iOS 5 which will debut on the iPhone 5 reportedly. Just before the iPhone 4 was released, iOS 4 was released so the 10th October and 15th October definitely make sense here.

The 15th October is a Saturday and would allow consumers to conveniently pick up the new iPhone 5. However the media coverage, which Apple likes lots of, would be significantly lower than previous years due to the launch being a Saturday. Less people read papers on the weekend because they aren’t traveling to work.

A Saturday launch does not keep in pattern with Apple’s previous major product launches. Does this suggest that the iPhone 5 won’t be a massive update or the date reported is incorrect?

No one knows what the iPhone 5 will be like, will it even be the iPhone 5, it could be the iPhone 4S. Many analysts are speculating that the iPhone 5 will just be a technological upgrade on the iPhone 4 without major design changes.

Who knows? We will have to wait until Apple release any information, if October 15th is correct then we won’t be waiting too long!

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