HTC Titan, Smart gadget use the Window Phone 7 Operating System

As one Smartphone with a variety of advantages, the HTC Titan is one of the Smartphone are already using the Windows Phone 7 Operating System on the mobile phone. In addition, the HTC Titan is also one of HTC’s mobile phone product which has a screen size is very large when compared with some previous phones such as HTC Radar. The size of the screen on this phone is about 4.7 inches, a size large enough screen to display a wide range of features present in it.

Besides having a large enough screen size, HTC Titan also equipped 1.5 GHz processor speed. But unfortunately still use a memory capacity of 512 MB, making it less so powerful to run a wide range of mobile applications, especially those requiring high specification. But if you’re not too often open the video and photo applications, I think is sufficient for you’re to use this Smartphone.

In addition, HTC Titan also equipped 8MP and 1.3MP resolution camera which is located on the front and the back of the phone. This camera is equipped with various features that it is definitely you often find on other phones, such as auto focus, geo tagging, smile detection, flash images, images editing and some applications to produce a quality image. You can connect this phone to move some photos that you have through the Bluetooth facility.

As for the supporting network connectivity, this phone is equipped with 3.5G networks, and also there are some wireless facilities, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and some other facilities that you can upgrade. If you want to store data and files, available internal memory with a capacity large enough, that is 16GB, but you can not add capacity because there is no external storage slot.

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  1. Alexander says:

    The HTC Titan looks good, but still I think the HTC Sensation XE is the best HTC phone for now…

  2. Moazam says:

    Very nice and comprehensive description of HTC TITAN. I like the in detail information about any mobile. Thanks for your post.

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