How to plan your day efficiently

It’s true that nothing changes every day, but when we look back, everything has changed. In times, of constant change and challenges, how does one remain productive and achieve their long-term as well as the short-term goals?

Being fired from your job, or disliking your job, broken relationships, the death of loved ones or getting too drunk every day because you don’t know what to do with your life, so many things to deal! Here’s when taking a day at a time helps.

Planning your day well can help you clean up a lot of space in your mind and achieve your goals. Here’s how you can maintain that work-life balance by using these small and efficient tips:

Wake up early.

I think this was the first quote that I learned when I was growing up – “Early to bed, Early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Of course, I didn’t realize the importance of the same till I was an adult! After a tiring day, it might be difficult to plan the next day in advance, so it’s better to sleep over your problems and wake up early to a fresh start.

Nothing is better than a clear head and cup of warm water with lemon and honey in it! Have this magical potion and bring out your planner or google calendar, spend just about ten minutes in jotting out the main tasks of the day and approx time to be devoted to each activity.

Spend next ten minutes in noting down what you want to do in life, note your life tasks in order of priority. Recording your tasks will help you in knowing what exactly are your priorities?

  • is it work?
  • is it family?

Or a trip to see the northern lights.

Beside each priority, note down how are you going to accomplish those. A sample could look like this:

  1. Family: Make my parents and wife laugh at least once a day.
  2. Work: Be more helpful and give better guidance to my team members.
  3. Travel: Save at least $200 every month.

Breaking your long term goals into shorter goals (as shown in the sample above) can ensure your closeness to goal and most of the time I’m sure you are going to achieve the same.

Wake up to Workout.

Burn up that stress before it burns you! Wake up, plan and conquer. Go for that morning jog or the kickboxing class that you always wanted to do and if you like dancing nothing is better than Zumba.
Give some time to your body, and it will reward you in many ways. If at all you cannot step out to embrace the sunshine, then here’s what you can do at home.

  • Plan your meals.
    Nowadays a good fat paycheck doesn’t come without high pressure, cardiovascular diseases and most importantly stress. To combat these problems and to increase your overall immunity it is crucial to have a balanced meal. Long hours of work with no food intake can lead to a lot of acidic problems which might become grave in nature later.

    It’s best to eat every two hours, pack your snacks before leaving home, all you need is roasted peanuts, some cashews, biscuits, and some fruits and you are ready to go. Minute changes in your eating habits will help you a long way in maintaining that work-life balance.

  • Deadline.

    Any task, be it personal or professional can only be achieved in its best form if a time limit is attached to it. While noting your duties in the morning, allot a period to it. This is one of the daily habits of successful people. Distributing minutes or hours to your tasks can help you avoid procrastination after finishing one job. This saves time and energy. Saving time here means you get more time to do things that you love. Simple! Also, if the work is done on time, it gives a sense of accomplishment to oneself.
  • Enjoy learning new things.
    Life is too short for any regrets. Try and learn something different, this will improve your perspective on life and give you more confidence. Learn a new language, engage in a sport that you have been longing to play, get to play guitar, anything that you want to try. To start with, I think it’s best to start reading books! Nothing is better than learning from other’s experiences.

Don’t let that negativity affect your life, maintaining the work-life balance is completely in your hands.
So, what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to let me know how the planning went!

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