How to Install Google Chrome Plugins?

The only reason Firefox ruled over Chrome was its add-ons, which were most helpful for users. However, with much advancement since its inception soon Chrome extension, add-on or plugin any how you name it was available. In fact, as soon as Chrome arrived, the most requested feature was extension by its users and as we know Google always try to fulfill users’ request. Now Google Chrome officially supports browser extension and the developers are yet working to improve on it. However this feature is not yet comprised with the browser itself, you can get it at Chrome’s latest dev built.

Currently you can find 3 sample extension/plugins available to install:

  • Gmail Checker: This plugin will show you how many messages are there in your Gmail inbox via a toolstrip.
  • Subscribe in Google Reader: You get easy access to subscribe to feeds of webpage in Google Reader.
  • BuildBot Monitor: Display the current status of the Chromium Build Bot.

Steps to install Google Chrome Plugins:

  1. First you should download and Dev Channel installer from the Chromium Developer page.
  2. Next, right click on the chrome icon, click on properties and type the following” To Enable Plugins: –enable-plugins, To Enable Extensions: –enable-extensions, To Enable Greasemonkey Scripts: –enable-greasemonkey and click “Apply”                                                                                           chrome-extension
  3. You have all three at a time for better compatibility like this – enable-plugins –enable-extension –enable-greasemonkey.
  4. You are all set to install Plugins, Greasemonkey and Extensions in the Chrome Browser. Just start the browser and get sample extension page.


In case you wish to uninstall:

To uninstall an extension, navigate to chrome://extensions, find the extension you want to uninstall, and press the Uninstall button.

You can follow Chromeextensions and Chromeplugins that can help you playing around with Chrome extensions. Do let us know if you locate any other plugins!

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