How organizations can revamp a mismanaged IT infrastructure?

You know about a potential business threat, but choose to ignore it. Yes, as we humans have the tendency to ignore minor threats until the ‘beauty turns into a beast’. A Mismanaged IT infrastructure poses a serious threat to your business resulting in the loss of clients as well as customers. Did that ring any bells now?

Well, unless you have spent time planning business software management plan, chances are you may be non-compliant in some way. Let us look at how to address the problem proactively.

Evaluate Usage

As a business owner, you should put in efforts to assess the current state of software and highlight the risks. The first initiative is important to identify the concerns of software usage. A study conducted by Microsoft as per ‘Play it safe’ campaign reveals that malware present on pirated software costs approximately US $500 billion to enterprises.  Thereby looking inward, it is necessary to understand what is present on your systems to ensure you aren’t vulnerable to any attack.

A part of this process also includes finding alternate ways of software buying. Moving to a cloud-based service provider like Microsoft Azure works instead of traditional software installation as the former presents ease of usage coupled with reduced time spent in installation. You can then configure software needs based on system requirements and can scale quickly depending upon business needs.

Lay down a software policy

It is crucial to understand the organizational needs and create a framework aimed at keeping software piracy in check. A Software asset management (SAM) comes to help in this case. It a set of guidelines which can ensure that employees are prevented from installing software on their own. Efficient IT practices, usage of genuine software and education among employees regarding the impact of their actions and risks towards business constitutes a large portion of this step.

Keep an inventory in place

An inventory presents a quick way to check on the software usage in an organisation. With a detailed account, the burden of software asset control can be handled easily. Thereby, a business can focus on production and operational efficiency when the software inventory is managed properly.

Handle Threats

Mitigate the risk of a mismanaged IT infrastructure by ensuring the implementation of a proper policy focusing on genuine software usage and cloud-based solutions. You’ll gain an upper hand by not only ensuring a secure workflow but also limiting costs by paying as per software usage to ensure a win-win situation for your business.  This will not only bring down your IT infrastructure cost but also bring in efficiencies

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