Ultimate checklist to give your career the wings it needs

So you are graduating next month and don’t know where to start looking for a job. Although paychecks are definitely a big factor, but you need to consider other aspects too. These factors will help you zero down on the right organisation to give wings to your career.

1: World-Class Technologies

The arrival of Internet made sure different technologies reached various households even in the remotest parts of the world. Today, even the elderly don’t shy away from embracing new-age tech and that only goes to prove the real essence of technology – empowerment and enrichment. Hence, while choosing the right place to start your career make sure you the organisation/s you shortlist are ardent technology advocators. In fact, chances are a company that embraces new technology every passing day will have a more robust work culture and environment for their employees.

2: Thought Leaders

There is a famous saying – a company is as good as its employees. But, a great place to work and learn is where the leaders are equally motivating and empowering. A great leader will be the constant force in your career that will not only guide you through the day, but help you find direction for your organisation, and eventually for yourself. Always look for an organisation that has an open culture and great leaders, while taking up on a job.

3: Work Culture

Great work culture is a big factor to consider while taking up a new job offer. Today, even the employers are putting in determined efforts to make their organisations more employee friendly than ever. A great work culture would help you bring in the much needed work-life balance. Besides an organisation with good work culture will keep you positive even in challenging times. Transparent and open communication, employee training programs and strong team spirit are among the few factors that help you spot a great work culture in an organisation.

4: Collaboration

An organisation that lets you with teams and lets you work on different projects is a true enabler. And such a culture is imperative in the initial phase of your career as it lets you be more open, outwardly and experimentative. An organisation that embraces and promotes collaboration has a greater flexibility, is more engaging and often helps news employees to speed up.

5: Work ‘N’ Play

Today every organisation aims to first go national, and ultimately international. Following this trend has definitely made the jobs more challenging and demanding. To make the work-life more balanced, and less tiresome, many organisations have made break-out areas, chilling zones and embraced other in-house recreational activity zones. This aspect is definitely a big motivator for those who get bored easily and tend to lose interest.

So, take charge of your career with the above-mentioned factors. Alternatively, take a look at how MakeMyTrip has already evolved as one of the leading tech-savvy, employee-friendly company with a great work culture.

MakeMyTrip’s culture boasts of making memories, having fun at work and starting an inward journey of learning, progress and growth with diverse individuals. Building innovative products which are seamless, fun and exciting in a happy work environment, the company has been ranked consistently among “Great places to work for” in India, by eminent portals year after year.


Himanshu Yadav is editor @Blogtechnika and is a graduated in Electronics & Communication Engineering. He loves writing, spending time on the internet and exploring cool gadgets.

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