Google Attacks Partner Acer of Conspiracy along with Chinese Android

Google tried to calm situations down, after Acer, a partner, arranged a press conference and deliberately informed that Google has blocked an event of launching a cheaper version of Android of the famous Chinese e-commerce company of Alibaba. The incident prompted Google to threaten its partner, Acer, saying that it would revoke Acer’s membership of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), a group that guides in developing the Android system of handsets of the world

andy-rubinThe move by Acer has turned out to be a cause for Alibaba, since its plan of extracting maximum profit from Acer would be hampered if Google truly revokes its threat to Acer. The Chinese version of Android was designed to run of the operating system of Aliyun.

Google’s senior vice-president of mobile and digital content, Andy Rubin, tried to bring the situation under control by saying that the Chinese company is using certain apps that has been designed and patented by Google’s Android, and that the device has been made by inculcating the technical platform of the OHA. It has also been alleged that the device contains certain apps that are incompatible to the Android versions of the phones.

Mr. Rubin also warned the companies producing devices of Android technology, saying that in case they want to manufacture the devices to be run on Android, they should provide apps that can be run by the technology, otherwise, there is no use of producing items that are not able to utilize the full potential of the platform of Android technology. On the other hand, in such cases, the OHA will also not be able to lend their help in creating a uniform platform and support needed to make a single compatible ecosystem for Android.

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