Gmail labs:convert your mails into google docs without using gmail!

Gmail Labs seems to the most happening place as they are constantly adding new features into Gmail. Today Gmail labs has added another feature for converting emails into Google docs. If you ever wanted to have the email conversations as a document, this is the best feature to do it. Once you have enabled the feature in Gmail labs, you can start creating documents for any email.


Google recently introduced a new feature in Gmail that lets you easily convert an email conversation into a Word document without having to use copy-paste.
Simply click the “Create a Document” link next to any Gmail thread and the entire message gets uploaded as new document in Google Docs

If U don’t have Gmail,no problem!

The good news is that you can enjoy this email-to-doc facility even outside Gmail. Go to “Upload a File” page and grab that secret email address assigned to you by Google Docs. Now open any email message in Yahoo!, Outlook or some other mail program and forward that thread to your “secret” Google Docs email address. Your email message will become available as an editable Word Document in Google Docs within seconds.
This trick could be useful for Gmail users as well who access mail on mobile devices where it is not always possible to add the “create document” gadget from Gmail labs due to browser limitations.

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