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Have you ever tried to save a video to your computer but the video won’t play when you try to open it?

TechSmith’s Jing Project explores the concept of improving digital conversations, while they happen, with video and screen captures. This lightweight solution is the first TechSmith offering to run on both the Windows and Mac platforms.

Jing produces videos in the .SWF format. Web browsers (that have Flash installed) know what to do with SWFs, but some computers aren’t so enlightened. There are two ways to solve the issue.

  • One is to drag and drop the .SWF file into your favorite Web browser.
  • The second is to “teach” your computer to open SWF files with a Web browser. Right-click (or control-click) the SWF file, then choose Open With > Choose Default Program.

On a Mac it’s Open with > Other… In either case you want to pick your favorite Web browser as the default.

Watch how for Windows

Watch how for Mac

So you installed Jing onto your Mac or PC…and now what?

First, do you see the sun? It kind of looks like the image above or to the right–the faint one without


the mouse cursor. It’s discreetly tucked away somewhere on the edge of your screen, always ready when you need to make a capture.

Taking your first capture:

  1. Mouse-over the sun and three little rays appear.
    • The one with the cross-hairs is the Capture ball. This is how you start your capture.
    • The one in the middle is the History. Copies of your captures are located here.
    • The one with the two gears is the More ball. There are all kinds of settings you can change in there. For example, you can setup hotkeys, or make it so the sun interface doesn’t appear on your screen.
  2. Click the Capture ball.
  3. Select an area to capture.
    • You can select a window, part of a window, or, you can click and drag the cross-hairs to select a custom area.
    • Decide if you want to capture an image or video. You can add arrows, text and highlights to images.
    • If you have a microphone, you can narrate your video! Videos are limited to 5 minutes in length.


    • Choose what you want to do with the image or video.
      Name the file if you want to. Something like, My First Jing might work. Then,
      Share to and get a convenient URL you can paste into chats, emails, and instant messaging clients. Or,
      Save the file to your computer. Or,
      Copy it to your clipboard (You can paste images only into emails and documents.) and more!

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