Find Which Program Causes Windows To Hang Using WhatIsHang

As a Windows user many times you get frustrated when some of the programs crashes down and sometimes because of those programs you lose your precious work. To overcome this problem there is a tool call WhatIsHang which allows you to find which program causes this problem. This is a freeware tool which helps you to detect which software is not working properly by displaying some information about it.

Most of the information displayed in the report of WhatIsHang, like Call Stack, Stack Data, Processor Registers and Memory Data, is designed for users with Windows programming knowledge. However if you are a novice, WhatIsHang also displays a list of strings and dll files related to the hang problem, which can also help users without programming knowledge to understand the cause of the problem.


There are two reasons when a program does not work correctly or you may say a program hangs

  1. The program hangs in a single system/Kernel/API call. This means that the program request to do something from the operating system (like opening or reading a file) but the operating system function doesn’t return back and thus cause the program to hang.
  2. The program hangs because there is an infinite loop, very long loop or recursive calls.

In the end I like to say that, WhatIsHang is a useful tool which helps you to determine the reasons for the program/app to hang and results in crashing down of Windows. Do you find this useful? Share your feedback with us in comments section.

Download Link for WhatIsHang

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  1. Find Which Program Causes Windows To Hang Using WhatIsHang

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    Find Which Program Causes Windows To Hang Using WhatIsHang

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