Cordy, Editor’s Choice and Our Choice As Well!

Cordy is an interesting 3D game for Android. Its an Editor’s Choice app which says a lot about the game itself and described by many as the best Android game on the market.

Developed by Silver Tree Media, Cordy is a little robot tasked with powering up his world. He does this by  collecting power in the form of small gears spread across a level. Once those gears are collected you can tap the main computer terminal which sends power to the next door and makes the next level accessible.

The graphics for Cordy are simply excellent, the game is meant for high end devices but even then on my HTC Desire the game looks amazing with graphics quality set to Basic. It is slightly slow and sometimes does not respond to multi-touch gestures but that’s a limitation due to the older smartphone, it should run fine on newer models.

The gameplay is fun, the starting levels are quite easy but as the game progresses it gets quite challenging. At the start you can jump to higher platforms, push and pull objects and as you progress you’ll get  to swing, hover aswell as pick and up through objects. This little robot can do a lot! And with all those abilities, getting through levels isn’t all that difficult.

Its not a particularly challenging game, and keeping in mind the controls aren’t that precise that’s a good thing. Levels will be easy quite easy to complete and Cordy has a Sonic The Hedgehog feel to the gameplay. Its fun but nothing too hardcore that will frustrate you or take multiple tries to complete.
So basically you’ll be playing a mildly challenging game, with some puzzle solving, very few enemies and excellent visuals. Its an interesting combination since the games with the best visuals are often those that have fantastic gameplay. So for those who are interested in casual gameplay but do not want games that are an  eyesore, Cordy is for you.

That being said, there are a few problems with the game that could be corrected. First off, the controls as I mentioned earlier, aren’t that precise. Improving them in an update would really help make the game easier to play.

Secondly, the developers should really up the ante a bit. Casual gamers will love Cordy, but for the more hardcore minded gamers that want a challenge, Cordy can be a bit bland and boring.  So for someone like me, Cordy’s appeal is limited to the graphics alone. I’ll play it for a while, admire the wonderful graphics and animations and watch as the world flips around and rotates in 3D, but eventually I’ll get bored and move on to something better. That’s just me though. We all know, there are a lot of casual gamers on Android and they are easily in the majority.

Considering that and the fact that Cordy is free its easy to see why this game, despite not being  a bit weak in the gameplay department is an Editor’s Choice and as popular as it is. If you’re an android user that just wants to have some fun once in a while get Cordy from the Android market for free.

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