Booster Pro, Battery saver for your Blackberry

As we know, currently a lot of applications that can be used to improve the performance of your Blackberry. But from many applications that you can use, only a few types of applications that are useful to improve the performance of your Blackberry, especially for your Blackberry battery. There are several applications that are specifically to further improve battery life for longer if used. One application that can be used to conserve battery use on the Blackberry is a ” Booster Pro “, where with this application you can reduce battery consumption so that it can last longer. Some of the main features that contained on this application are:

Auto ON / OFF
By using this facility then you can set the Blackberry to be able to switch off/on automatically in accordance with our desires, so that battery consumption can be more efficient.

Connection Setting
With this feature you can turn off and turn on the connection being used on a Blackberry application, turn off Wi-Fi connection automatically, thus saving battery. As we all know, Wi-Fi is one of the facilities at Blackberry who spend a lot of battery consumption.

Monitor Process
In this feature you can turn off the Blackberry variety of functions that are active through the facilities of the background. This feature is able to turn off multiple applications simultaneously if it is in unused condition.

Display Settings
In this feature you can adjust the level of light coming from the Blackberry screen quickly via shortcut keys on the homescreen menu.

Battery Alert
With this feature you will be reminded to immediately recharge the Blackberry battery.

The fifth application is useful for increasing battery life make it more durable. These applications can you get for free via the App World Blackberry.

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