Best Contenting Marketing Ideas for 2017

From B2B to B2C, every brand is trying to create and circulate relevant, valuable content to stimulate interest amongst its target audience while promoting their brand subtly. Given that most of the today’s brands push their content, be it good or bad through media, what should you do to up your brand game?

Today, we provide some great tips for acing your content marketing ideas:

  1. Personalization is the key.

    To come to think of it, we love Starbucks over any other coffee shop because the friendly waiters love writing our names on the coffee cup, isn’t it? With the advent of social media, being so flexible these days it’s easier to personalize brand campaigns, according to the needs and wants of the existing as well as prospective client pool.
    The best part of social media and technology is that most of your customers would respond to this personalization. Clients, these days prefer to tweet if they miss their flight, or if their data services abruptly stop expecting a faster response time from the brand’s customer service team. If done right, this brings loyalty!

  2. Enabling Social Content via Social Listening.

    It’s critical for a brand to understand a customer’s lifestyle and lifecycle to design appropriate content. Most of the tech savvy clients, do prior research on the brands’ social media platforms like Facebook (to know offers and events), Instagram (to view the product), Twitter (to see the customer service), Youtube (to view product reviews and tutorials on using the product). Henceforth, the importance of Listening and providing the perfect base to your clients and in return get higher conversions.

  3. Eat, Sleep, Design a content strategy, Review, Repeat.

    It should be the priority for a brand to document and keep a content strategy in place at all times. Start with having content pillars in place – know what you exactly want to communicate to your target audience. Note down all the what’s, how’s, what if’s, do’s, dont’s, etc.
    Atleast have a month or two content written and reviewed by your team in advance along with images to be posted. Review each post before it goes live, tweak content to match with that day’s events or news if possible to generate more conversations around your brand. Yes, while we totally recommend doing the same, it is also crucial that brands image should go hand in hand with the trending hashtag!

  4. Treating your Subscribers right.

    Deserve to email your customers with merit. It’s always better to earn sharing your content with a client than spamming his/her inbox with content which might not be relevant to him/her. Ensure their privacy is maintained. Always put a link in your mailers for unsubscribing. Quality, visual content, quirky minimalist copywriting and a super attractive subject line can ensure a lot of traffic with respect.

  5. Getting your Title attention.

    To be noted, a title which caters to the readers’ needs is always more clickable. A good response can be assured of, for a given title when published at the right time. For instance, “6 Best Places for Sunday Brunch” when likely published on Saturday morning is more clickable than when posted on a Wednesday afternoon. Another instance could be, “We won’t let you countdown on us this NYE” is a better title than just wishing your target audience a very Happy New Year – a big NO!
    A good way to test the response to your titles is to use different headlines on various social media platforms to check the response. According to the response, adjust the titles post-production phase.

We hope this guide was helpful, so go out there and create some kick-ass content! Do, let us know how your favorite brand pops up on your feed and why do you like to engage with the brand.


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