Bajaj Finserv makes a thought-through, problem-solving website design upgrade

What are some of the most obvious problems that loan-seekers face with financial websites in India? Lengthy processes, unhelpful product descriptions, and confusing interfaces – ultimately leading to wrong product purchases in most cases. Even I faced the same problem last year when I was seeking a small-term loan.

I guess this valuable insight is what made Bajaj Finserv change their website completely. The starting point, it seems, is giving the site a technological overhaul. The site loads much faster than it did before (I have used the site for various purposes). It also seems that the company has incorporated some of the best e-commerce and BFSI online practices for creating an inclusive, hassle-free customer journey.

What has changed?

The moment you land on the Bajaj Finserv website – the simpler, cleaner user-interface is what will catch your attention. Now, here’s a fun fact – most people don’t fill in their details on the landing page pop-ups because they think it’s too intrusive and the fear of being spammed over the email is another deterrent. However, I was pleasantly surprised by my user journey after filling the key details in this pop-up. I saw a pre-approved loan and EMI card limit, which was a constant reminder of what my current need is, and what I can already avail. This helped me navigate in a more constructive and aligned way, rather than going all over the place. Another thing that is quite useful is the smart search bar. While other financial websites try to navigate yur user journey with what they want to offer, this new website gives users more control over what they want to see. Another thing that is very useful is the engaging tools and calculators that help you to make smart decisions on the move.  


I think Bajaj Finserv‘s new website will definitely make consumer’s journey educative and informative. The bevy of tools are not only useful but they also set the precedent for other financial institutions.


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