App of the Week: Squadrun

What do you do in your spare time? Do you just sit around and dream of achieving goals or just wish to make more money? Squadrun is one of those start-ups that came up with a really cool idea to help all those with basic skills have fun and earn some money while they are at it. Think about it! SquadRun is an app that engages users in their spare time to complete simple tasks, in the process providing businesses with cost effective solutions. The app tries to engage users to complete operational problems that organisations face and reward users them in return of completing the assigned tasks. All you need is a smartphone and Facebook account.

Squadrun has a pretty easy interface and a step-by-step tutorial of how to use it. How it works? Like any other game, it will start where a user will have 3 lives and will earn lives as he/she proceed successfully in missions, on the other hand losing a life if unable to complete the task on time or correctly. As a user, you will have a list of missions that you must complete and at the end of each mission your total score will be submitted to the team at Squadrun. If your mission has been completed correctly a user will get a particular amount of SquadCoins in your account (100 SquadCoins= 1 INR). Also before every task there will be a tutorial and a set of instructions to provide directions for game-play. There is no prior educational requisites but the basic skills like pattern recognition, grammar and comprehension are advised.

What’s more? Once you reach 6000 SquadCoin you can transfer the amount to your Paytm wallet.

Along with these missions, you can also become a call agent for them and earn higher rewards by making calls from anywhere you want. All you have to do is to register your number and get it verified by the OTP, post which they’ll send you and you will start receiving missions which you can select and complete and earn. You also have an option ‘BANK’ where you will be able to check the amount you have earned yet and keep track of your earnings.

Time and money are two things everyone wants to use in the best possible way and SquadRun not only helps users to earn but also keeps them engaged in a fun way, filling the void perfectly.

You can download the app here:

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