Is Amazon’s Kindle Fire can beat iPad 2?

Amazon Kindle is one product from Amazon have just released some time ago, in which many people argue that this product is a competitor for Apple products, namely iPad 2. But Amazon’s product output has not got a pretty good yet response from the gadget lovers. It is possible there are still some things that they do not know, especially some of the features available on this product. However, if viewed from the overall features and facilities available, as well as hardware support on this product, I think not vary much with iPad 2. However, this prediction remains to be proved, whether the level of sales of both products is constantly increasing, which is currently also keeps popping up several tablet products with similar specs but with a relatively cheaper price.

I think to judge a product, we should really pay attention to several parameters that can be used as a reference, where is the best product and also a lot of positive response from users of these products. And if we look at when it’s a lot of products that want to try to seize the market some of the gadgets by launching similar products, both of the features, facilities used, hardware, applications, and some other fittings. However some products are already quite well known seems to have anticipated this, where they will always give the best by continuing to do some improvement on the system they have made, especially some of the features that may still have many weaknesses.

However, based on a survey conducted, there is increased use of some products from Amazon’s Kindle, especially after the Amazon Kindle launched several variants of these products, one of which is the Amazon Kindle Fire. With an increase in this kind of course could be an indication that the products released from Amazon have to be accepted by gadget lovers, especially the users of the gadget itself. But this does not mean that Amazon’s Kindle has to beat the iPad 2, is not it?

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