88% of Social Gamer Spend Time Playing Facebook Games

Online games is not something newly appeared, they have been around since ages and with time passes more and more users are getting in games. A recent research from Lazard Capital Markets explains that presently online game players including traditional titles and recently launched on Facebook platform, plan to allocate more time playing online games than last year. The recent players also tend to eradicate most of the traditional games and enter in to new online games venture.

Lazardcap report says –

Both traditional browser-based online games as well as social games are showing stronger usage growth as compared with console gaming in our survey. Specifically, 86 percent of online gamers plan to spend at least as much or more time playing games online this year. Similarly, 88 percent of social gamers plan to spend as much or more time playing Facebook games this year.

In fact, huge number of online gamers is making their affair profitable, 21 percent of those questioned that are online game player on Facebook said that they are purchasing virtual goods using real world money in order to stay competitive. Mobile phones comes as the biggest growth areas that is associated to gaming, with the increased usage of smartphone the space of gaming is tend to increase.

Alternatively more causal players that are looking for music titles or fitness ones are more attracted to online medium and Facebook remains on top to gratify their gaming needs.

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