5 Best Things To Do When You Are Unemployed

Unemployment can be very tough, but, also every dark cloud has a silver lining. The tough times will pass sooner or later, but what should one do during tough times? It might also worry you how it would affect your resume? It can get very frustrating after a while, but, here’s how to make the best out of the worst:

  1. Take a class.

    Learning something new or polishing your existing skills means you have never stopped learning. It shows an inclination of interest towards your work even when it’s not there. It’s a great way to network with like-minded people. For all you know, someone might just refer you or offer you a job!

  2. Volunteer.

    Volunteering for a local charity can help you learn a lot of new things. Also, it says a lot about you as a person, it shows you are people’s person, you like helping out others, and you are empathetic. Helping others especially when you are not in your best state can be very fulfilling and good therapy.

  3. Freelance.

    If you don’t like a 9 to 5 job and still love what you do, it’s best to freelance. Most big and small companies need someone who can get their work done quickly without much paperwork. A couple of successful freelancing assignments can get you better and bigger work, meaning a lot more money sitting at home.

  4. Be Everywhere.

    Make your presence felt. Be it art, DIY projects, or even a simple poem you wrote, publish it on social media. This will give you a new identity, people with similar interests will follow you and encourage you to take this up as a career opportunity.

  5. Add more value to your knowledge base.

    Expand your Excel knowledge, learn French, learn to play the guitar, or even learn graphic designing if you are creative. Building upon any skill can make your resume so much stronger than the other unemployed person. While learning something new, you might end up finding a new niche that can be your next career option.

The grass is always greener on the other side. So, make the most of it when you are on a long break, travel, visit your grandparents, brew more coffee, spend more time with your pet, read that book which is lying on your shelf since years, take a walk in the garden, breathe, everything will get better soon!

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