10 Awesome Websites to Watch 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup Online

The most thrilling time of the year is here, when we would tune in to catch up the greatest ICC cricket world cup starting on 19th February 2011. There are 14 countries taking part in this world cup that will be held in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The teams of ICC cricket world cup 2011 are divided into following 2 groups:

Group A Group B
Australia Bangladesh
New Zealand England
Pakistan India
Sri Lanka South Africa
Zimbabwe West Indies
Canada Ireland
Kenya Netherlands

Every team will be given a chance to play with remaining teams and top 4 teams will reach quarter finals followed by 1st semi final that will take place on 29th March in Colombo. Further the match will move towards 2nd semi finals and then finals. This 10th world cup of World Cricket seems to be most exciting and biggest tournament of the season.

Millions of fans are waiting to catch up each match of the series, however not everybody can get to the stadium and catch it live. But, Internet has made easy for us to watch ICC Cricket World Cup Online. Today there are various websites that offer free TV over Internet, some may require a piece of software to be installed and other may require you to pay onetime fee. So here is the list of 10 awesome websites to watch ICC Cricket World Cup Online.

1. Justin.tv– Justin.tv is one of the most reliable source of watching live stream videos. User can produce and broadcast unlimited number of videos just by creating an account. Justin.tv’s broadcasting and viewing technology is based on Adobe Flash plug-in which is widely available on PC’s today and has access to many of today’s widely-used operating systems. People tune into to Justin.tv to watch ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Online.

2. Espnstar.com – Espnstar is well known for live streaming of all kind of sports event including Cricket. The site will not only allow to watch ICC Championship live, but also will offer Cricket News, Fixtures, Live Cricket Scores, Stats, Cricket Results, Rankings, Highlights and many more. You will definitely not want to miss out on the HD quality especially when ICC Cricket is on, so tune in to Espnstar and have fun!

3. Ustream.tv – Ustream is the leading live interactive broadcast platform that enables anyone with an Internet connection and a camera to engage their audience in a meaningful, immediate way. Users can broadcast any videos of unlimited size. Users can watch ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 on the website and on the Ustream iPhone application. The website allows users to interact, such as vote in polls, rate, chat etc.

4. Cricktime.com– One of the easiest ways to watch cricket world cup 2011 online is cricktime.com. There are link given to each match that you wish to watch and all you need to have is Adobe flash player installed to watch live cricket. The site has complete details on Cricket Schedule, Score Card, and Results etc. You can also access the warm up match that took place before the actual event.

5. Watchlivecricket.com – This site is dedicated to cricket as a sport that is loved by millions of people all over the world. Watch Live Cricket is geared towards bringing you the cricket match live as soon as you have registered as a member. If you have PC / Mac system and an internet connection, then you are set to watch 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup Online. The site also has some of the great cricket articles and news event that you would want to gear up with.

6. Cricfire.com – Cricfire is also dedicated to Cricket, however it comes with lot more that you need than watching live cricket online. It offers Cricket Highlights, Live Streaming Links, Cricket Forum, Fixtures, and more. And if you are betting chap then this site might also help you with some betting tips and info.

7. Extracover.net – Extracover.com is a straight forward website dedicated to cricket. There are four different channels available for you to watch 2011 ICC Cricket world cup online. You can either watch it on the website or download and enjoy it on your system.

8. Livesportsonline.info – Live Sports Online is a portal for the broadcast of cricket matches to niche audiences. Being the most trusted and experienced cricket streaming provider since 2006, you can be sure to watch all ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 matches online in HD Quality. Just sign up and watch world cup online.

9. Webcric.com – You will find various live streaming channels on Webcric.com to watch all  world cup 2011 cricket matches online. The site offers steaming for almost all operating system. Decent internet speed will help you load the video faster.

10. Live-cricket-match.com – The site has collection of live steaming links to watch 2011 ICC world online along with highlights of all matches. The site is neatly maintained by categories and tags so that becomes easier to find out other match videos as well.

Note: live stream might not be available in all countries, so kindly check with the providers listed before proceeding.

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